TO BE UPDATED TO WINDOWS 10 week of May 2, 2016Windows 8 FAQs


We will be using Windows 8.1 with the Classic Shell
The Classic Shell feature is installed on your machine and you will have a desktop view that is similar to Windows 7. You can toggle between Desktop mode and Windows 8 Tiles mode by going to the start menu and selecting the other view.

Classic Shell

This is more about the Windows 8.1 Start Screen and Classic Mode Start Screen

Windows 8.1

This is more about the Windows Tile mode and the features that are available to you.
Windows 8 Overview from Microsoft

Terms to Know

Helpful Terms to Know:
Charms - Search, Setting and Share Popup side menu
Tiles - allows you to access the tiled Window 8 apps
Start Menu - allows you to access the desktop applications
Desktop Tile - returns you to desktop mode
Hot Corners. - Each corner of the screen has various extra features. You need to go to the corner and hover or drag to make these features active.
  • bottom right corner- Pop out charms menu,
  • top right corner - locate the red X to close
  • bottom left corner - is where the start menu is located.

Windows Key Shortcuts

Helpful Key combinations using the Windows Key windows key.jpg
Windows Key Opens the Start Menu
Windows Key and C opens the Charms Menu
Windows Key and P Display the monitor, extend or duplicate screens
Windows Key and U Opens Ease of Access Center

How to access my files

To access your files go to the file folder in the task bar
This folder gives you access to your Network Drive, Your Public and Mapped Drives as well as your Computer.
You can also get to the Control Panel from this window.

Signature Line

In Outlook you might want to recreate your Signature.
It might be easiest to find a previous email with a signature line you already created and copy that information to paste into your new signature following the steps below:
Steps to Add your Signature Line in Outlook

  • File
    Outlook File menu.PNG
    Outlook File menu.PNG
  • Options
    Outlook Options menu.PNG
    Outlook Options menu.PNG
  • Mail
    outlook options mail.PNG
    outlook options mail.PNG
  • Select - Signatures
    Outlook signature button.PNG
    Outlook signature button.PNG
  • New
    outlook signature.PNG
    outlook signature.PNG
    and Paste in your copied signature OR create a new one!
  • OK - Don't forget to click OK to save your work.

Select Default Program

To open an application you can select the default program.
If you would like your PDF files to open with the Adobe application on the desktop you can select the program
If you would like your PDF files to open with the Reader app in full screen you can select the app
Step 1 : Locate a PDF file that is saved on your computer and RIGHT CLICK
Step 2: Select the OPEN WITH option
Step 3: Select the Set Default Program option
Step 4: Make your choice of Windows 8 app or the Desktop version of the Program.


To change display settings to computer and your projector:
1. Right Click on desktop and select Screen Resolution 2. This is for duplicating your screen to your projector
desktop click.pngbegin screen.png
3. This is the list of options for screen resolution 4. Make your choice and click APPLY
Each Projector has a "better" option to fill your board.
select resolution 1.png Select resolution.png

5. Then adjust the settings or click OK and 6. Keep Changes
click ok.png Keep changes.png

NOTE: If you use extended desktop you can adjust the settings on your computer monitor and have different settings for your projector/Promethean screen.

DVD Player

VLC player.PNGTo access media resources like DVDs Please use the VLC player.

DVD Styler

You can burn a DVD from a movie file on your computer that will play in the DVD player or with the VLC software.

DVD Styler Directions.


Will use a special mode called Presentation Mode. This will force your laptop into EXTENDED Display instead of DUPLICATE Display.
You can use the window key on your keyboard and the letter P to switch the display back to DUPLICATE Display mode.

If you would like to turn off the special Presenter Mode in Power Point you can do the following.

Step 1: Left click on "Slide Show (Tab Item)" in "Presentation - PowerPoint"
pp step 2.png

Step 2: Left click in on Monitor in the Slide Show Tool bar and Change From Automatic to - Primary"
Step 3: Left click on "Use Presenter View (CheckBox)" in "Presentation1 - PowerPoint"
pp step 4.png

Lenovo Solution Center Alerts

directions here...

Atomic Learning

To access this resource: Go to the CV web page and sign into Atomic Learning to view the Windows 8 Series of videos.