Google Drive
Go to the CV Staff page and click the link for Google Drive!

New Google Drive - Cheat Sheet by Shake Up Learning

New Google Drive Cheat Sheet

access CV google through the website.
  • Organize your files and those you share with others
  • Create Shared Documents and collaborate in real time
  • Create Shared Folders
  • Search for your files by name or keyword
  • Create Presentations that the whole class can discuss together
  • Upload files you already have created
  • Use your student's gmail addresses to share or have them share with your CV email account

What do you want the student to do with the documents
The Choices :
  • Can View will allow student to see the document only
  • Can Comment means they can view the document and leave comments but not change the document at call
  • Can Edit means they can edit the document but not delete it.
  • OR Make a Copy - The open the document and choose File -- Make a Copy and then Rename it with your class naming conventions.

There is always REVISION History if you need to recover work!

Free Tech 4 Teacher Com Richard Byrne

Ask the Gooru
How to create an assignment for your class:

  1. Document Creation - student create the documents
  2. Naming Conventions
  3. Share - student shares with the teacher
  4. Organize - teacher creates a folder to store the assignments
  5. Comments - Teacher can comment on any document that is shared with editing rights.

Saving Folders

Blendspace Google Drive Teachers Guide by Nikki D Robertson