What is ActivInspire?


Reason for Use

Infolibrarian Blog Post on the NEW ActivInspire Software for your Interactive White Board (IWB)
This is from another Blog Post from the Whiteboard Blog!!!

Atomic Learning Tutorials for ActivInspire...

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Ease of Use

Promethean Planet

  • Create a Username and Login to the Planet.
  • You can then download resources for your classroom.

Promethean Planet Professional Development

  • ActivLearning
  • Active Tips
  • Best Practices

Active Learning

Free Courses
  • Introduction to ActivInspire
  • Migration to ActivInspire

Active Tips

Short Video Clips for various Tools


ActivInspire Training Manual

Activ Inspire Training Manual

ActivInspire Training Manual - Primary
ActivInspire Primary