What is Twitter

Reason for Use

Nine Great Reasons for Teachers to use Twitter or this link
1. Together is better
2. Global or Local - You Choose
Why Use Twitter in Teaching and Learning?

100 Serious Twitter Tips for Academics

Ease of Use

You can only type 140 characters at a time. Keep is Short Silly!
example of one of my tweets --
@teacherbytes I love the Active Inspire Edition.. easier to navigate. nice changes http://blog.cvsd.k12.pa.us/...


my user name is infolibrarian follow me!!

Who do I follow?? Check out this twitter mosaic with the people I follow!! Click on any icon to see their page of posts. Read a few tweets and then Click to Follow if you want to add them to your PLN.

My Bookmarks about Twitter Resources!!

Examples for Teachers

What is this all about??

Twitter for Teachers

Diane Krause talks about Twitter